November 2005 - Fast Eats and Crafty Thanksgiving Treats

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Family Resources: November 2005

One of the of the aims of the TRIS project is to raise awareness of rare trisomy conditions and the variety of situations and concerns families encounter. This page is intended to share resources that families can use in their daily lives.

We are now archiving previous months' Family Resources pages.

Fast Eats and Crafty Thanksgiving Treats

Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Apples
This web page has a wonderful recipe your child(ren) can help you make. Sweet potatoes are cooked then mashed with cooked chopped apples, brown sugar, butter and other seasonings. After you have cooked the potatoes and apples let them cool to a safe temperature then allow your child to smash them with a whisk.

Chicken Fingers Five Ingredient Meal
At this page you will find a good nutritious meal that the children will love to eat. Yes, it's true! Just five ingredients make a full meal that is especially kid-friendly. Let the children help by placing the ingredients in the pot before putting it on the heat.

Microwave Cookie Candy Turkeys
This web page has a fun Thanksgiving sweet treat the children will love to help with. Let the kids place the chocolate and Carmel pieces on the plate and watch as they magically turn into a turkey. All will love the treat and it will add a nice touch to the Thanksgiving theme.

Wax Paper Thanksgiving Placemats 
These placemats are a fun craft the whole family can do together. Go to this web page to find step-by-step directions on how to put together these fun placemats. Children can collect outdoor items and use them to create a nice Fall display for Thanksgiving guests. You may choose to use them on your tables or hang them in the window. To add more color and a little “wow” add some crayon shavings between the two sheets of paper to blend colors. Be careful not to get the paper too hot and you should place an old newspaper underneath for surface protection.

Collecting and Learning about Autumn Leaves
Go to this web site to get a fun project you can do with the children. Have the children look at the different leaf shapes then go on a walk and see how many leaves they can find. Give them a bag to put the leaves in and when you get back in the house dump them out and match them to the shapes of the leaves on the paper. Ask the children the questions and write their answer (whatever their answer is) on the blanks. Put it together as a scrap book to look at and show friends and family. Next year do the same project and see how they change their answers from year to year.

More Thanksgiving Crafts and activities
Here you will find several simple craft ideas that will add to your Autumn decorations around the house. From scarecrows made of fabric and straw, and scarecrow door hangings to Fall leaf wreaths. Click on the links at the top of the page to find a variety of Autumn/ Thanksgiving decoration ideas the kids can help create.