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Family Resources: April 2006

One of the of the aims of the TRIS project is to raise awareness of rare trisomy conditions and the variety of situations and concerns families encounter. This page is intended to share resources that families can use in their daily lives.

We are now archiving previous months' Family Resources pages.

Adventures and Activities for those Rainy April Days

April is a great month to begin new adventures and explore new activities.  With new plants starting to grow and the opportunity to be outside again we are able to take in fresh air and explore. We at TRIS have gathered some activities and adventures you and your child might enjoy this new season of SPRING.


You might begin with these outdoor activities. At the Indian Child web site,   you will find page after page of old fashion games and new games you can play outside. 

Another fun thing you can plan to do with your child is to go to a park near you, if your child has special needs of a walker or wheelchair you will want to see if an easily accessible path is available.   Before you begin to travel down the path or through the woods or park you will say you are going to play an “I Spy” game.  As you go through the area you are looking for something that starts with each letter in the month of April.  You can make it more challenging for your child if you say the items have to be located in order.  You may also want to bring a bag and collect the items you find then take them home later to discuss each item. 

Spring means it is time to watch things grow.  Unfortunately not all of us have room for a garden, but most of us can plant a small garden. At Gardening with Kids, you will find links to all the gardening information you need to get started with different gardens to fit your individual wants. 

At Gayle's Preschool Rainbow, you will find a variety of fun activities for outdoors.  Choose an activity that fits your child’s personality and desires.

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