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Family Resources: Summer 2006

One of the of the aims of the TRIS project is to raise awareness of rare trisomy conditions and the variety of situations and concerns families encounter. This page is intended to share resources that families can use in their daily lives.

We are now archiving previous months' Family Resources pages.

More Summer Fun Ideas

Summer camps can be a great way for your child to have new opportunities to meet and interact with others. It also provides an opportunity for you to relax and take a break from the daily tasks of caring for a child with special needs.

The Federation for Children with Special Needs has a list of camps that might be in your area. At that site, click on a camp site nearest you. There are a variety of camp types and locations to choose from. Some of the camps are offered for free and others have a very low fee. These camps are designed for children with special needs and will provide the care your child needs.

You can contact the organization at:
1135 Tremont Street, Suite 420
Boston, MA 02120
or call toll free (800) 331-0688
or email them at for a free directory of camps or to gain more information about the camps.

Summer Fun

Another site that has camp opportunities is Camp Specialists. This site again has camps listed in many areas in the U.S. The special needs camps they work with have specially designed programs for your child with special needs and their siblings. The camps are staffed with highly trained individuals who are knowledgeable of your child's condition and take all the precautions necessary to ensure the health and well-being of your child. They will work with you and your child to meet his or her emotional, physical and medical needs. Through sports, arts and crafts, music, trips and more, your child will enjoy a summer of fun, reach new goals and create memories to last a lifetime. You can contact the Camp Specialists by calling 800-443-6428 or fill out the summer camp inquiry form found on the web site. There is no obligation and all summer camp referrals are FREE!

As summer rolls in you may need summer clothing and supplies. If you go back through our archives to September 2005, you can find some great web sites for clothing adaptations for your child. As your child grows your must continue to buy clothing that is easily accessible and fashionable. We understand this is not an easy task. In fact, it is very difficult. Easy Access Clothing, is just one of the seven sites listed with stylish looks and accommodations.

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Other summer fun ideas can be:

  1. Go to the beach and play in the sand.
  2. Make a beach in your back yard using a small pool. (Fill one side with sand, add shells from a craft store, and water).
  3. Read outside under a tree.
  4. Go fishing.
  5. Plant a garden.
  6. Play I spy as you lay in the backyard.
  7. As you lay in the backyard see what shapes you can find in the clouds.
  8. As you sit in the back yard listen to the sounds and say what you think they are or what they belong to.
  9. Make a bird feeder and watch the birds come and eat.
  10. Go to the Zoo.
  11. Go to the park.
  12. Play pitch and catch or just play an indoor game outside.
  13. Collect bugs (Be careful they do not bite or sting).
  14. Go out at dark and play with a flash light (Don’t forget bug spray).
  15. Make a tent with a blanket, two stakes, and a rope, and pretend you are camping.
  16. Roast hotdogs over a fire (Be careful not to get burnt or inhale the smoke).

Hot Dog

Getting outside boosts people's spirit and provides more oxygen. It brings more opportunities to explore and think about how the world works. Talk about the different things that you see outside and what it might be like without them.

If there was no grass, what would some animals eat?

If there were no trees, what would some animals live in?

What do you think would happen if there were no birds?

Remember the safety items such as sun block, bug spray, and lots of water!!


Have a Wonderful Summer!

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