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Family Resources: April 2007

One of the of the aims of the TRIS project is to raise awareness of rare trisomy conditions and the variety of situations and concerns families encounter. This page is intended to share resources that families can use in their daily lives.

We are archiving previous months' Family Resources pages.

Computer Games and Software

With the world increasingly turning to computers, TRIS is focusing on computer games and software that can be or has been adapted for children with disabilities. Many of the available software and games are primarily educational and also beneficial for students with disabilities to interact with a computer to increase language and fine motor development.

TRIS has found many modifications to popular computer games and also computer games which are designed especially to meet the needs of children with disabilities.

Bright Start has software focusing on Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) including: attending, imitation, language, identification, categorizing and self help skills.

LogoBroken/No PictureA software option from eSpecial Needs Broken Link (formerly Bright Start) is ‘My House: Language Activities for Daily Living’. This program offers detailed, exploratory environments in which children learn about objects and activities encountered in daily living routines. This software builds functional language skills and increases independence.

LaureateA special needs software company called Laureate features programs that train cause and effect, turn-taking, early vocabulary, syntax, cognitive concepts, auditory processing, and reading. Information of software program packages can be found at the website or by subscribing to the newsletter.

Creature GamesA series of software called ‘Creature Games’ are aimed towards helping children with multiple disabilities. Creature Antics, Creature Capers, Creature Features, Creature Cartoons, Creature Magic, and Creature Chorus can all be used to train cause and effect and turn-taking using switches. Advantages of this software series are its functionality and use with children as young as four months. Your child may interact with it using a keyboard, touching the screen, using a single switch or a mouse. Find more information about pricing and availability at ESpecial Needs(formerly Bright Start).

Smart-eStore is an online warehouse of software for children of all ages. Before looking into purchasing software from a catalog or specific company, search Smart-eStore to see if you can purchase it for a lower price.

EBay also is a great resource for software. It offers great on a wide variety of software titles. For more information, visit EBay and search ‘special needs software’.

BIGtrack Kids TrackballA bigger mouse will also allow your child to interact with the computer. The BIGtrack Kids Trackball makes computing easier for younger children. Available from Kid-Computers, the bright large 3" trackball helps to make mouse movements easy and accurate and the oversized buttons make mouse clicks easier for children with limited motor control. For increased access, the BIGtrack is available in a switch adapted version.

For other computer access devices, the TRIS Family Resource page has showcased switches before and you may access that information by clicking on ‘previous months’ Family Resource pages’ and selecting ‘October 2006’ or by following this link.